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Poll: Cantor won among Republicans, lost among ‘others’ including Dems

Eric Cantor 6By Lynn R. Mitchell

(See also Kurt Michael’s political cartoon, Evolution of the GOP.)

Congressman Eric Cantor was defeated in the June 10th Republican Primary by voters other than Republicans.

While the Congressman won past Republican primaries with a comfortable margin, he was beaten by a large turnout of first-time primary voters, Independents, and Democrats. The findings by McLaughlin and Associates help to confirm a Washington Post story by Democrat Brian Umana who claimed to work with tea party leaders to cultivate outside voters to defeat the Majority Leader (see Democrats help tea party down Eric Cantor).

While political pundits are still coming up with a dozen reasons why Cantor lost, the real story is in the numbers that tell a blunt truth that could come back to bite Republicans in future elections. Tea party members worked with Democrats and libertarians to solicit first-time voters and non-Republicans into an open Republican Primary to vote against the solid Republican candidate.

Update: More proof that Democrats crossed over … this from Virginia Democratic strategist Ben Tribbett: “Post primary polling shows Dave Brat won by 76 points (88-12) among primary voters that favor Obamacare. Cantor won 52-48 among others. Looks like the Democrats did do it after all. Good work 7th CD Dems!”

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Cantor loss: It is time for voter registration by party

By Lynn R. Mitchell

If the June 10th Republican Primary in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District had involved only Republican voters, Eric Cantor would be continuing as Majority Leader (and possibly preparing to become Speaker), and Dave Brat would be planning fall classes at Randolph-Macon.

In a recent poll, Dave Brat lost among Republicans 51 percent to 49 percent but won among “other” voters 71 percent to 29 percent. Those non-Republican voters flipped the race and proved true a Washington Post piece written by a Democratic operative claiming to have coordinated with the tea party to defeat Eric Cantor (see Democrats help take down Eric Cantor).

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