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Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) on Sherando Lake

By Kurt Michaelwk0a_Photo_8-12-14

From the shoreline of Sherando Lake (See Map), I placed my stand up paddle board (SUP) into the water, jumped on, and was off. Traveling at a relaxed pace through occasional patches of underwater vegetation, I propelled myself through the deep forest green water toward the other side of lake. Looking down at my watch, I had reached my destination in a little over five minutes.  It appeared that the 24-acre lake, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains south of Waynesboro, was somewhat small for the 12’6″ touring SUP designed for long-distance paddling. But there I was at the far northeast corner of the lake staring at a dam.

Kurt Sherando 6

Void of any warning signs, I figured it must be safe to paddle in closer. As I cautiously approached the dam, in the back of my mind I envisioned a strong current pulling me over the edge and plunging me to my death. My fears were unfounded when I realized it was only a four-foot drop. After paddling along the brim, I turned back toward the open lake and set my bearing for the island located in the middle of Sherando. The island has been a popular attraction for generations of beach goers who made the swim from the lake’s beach area to the island and back again.

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