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Photos from RPV State Central Meeting in Charlottesville

DSCN3570 (2)Mike Thomas was reelected First Vice Chairman

Saturday’s Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee meeting (see live updates here) lasted almost five hours and accomplished what it needed to: elected five officers to a two-year term. The reconstituted committee was packed with new faces, a fact that was driven home when RPV Chairman John Whitbeck asked for a show of hands of those who were new. The spring’s mass meetings that took place throughout the Commonwealth resulted in an almost fifty percent change of leadership on the committee.

There were seven elections of State Central leadership and that was the draw for the fifty observers who crowded in the standing-room only back of the meeting room. After business of the day was taken care of, elections began with nominations, two-minute speeches from the candidates, and voting by committee members. The results were an affirmation that Virginia Republicans are looking for rational, pragmatic leadership after years of losing statewide races.

Only two incumbent officers ran for reelection: Mike Thomas who was challenged by Eric Herr, and Kevin Gentry who had no opponent. All other seats were open. The newly elected officers are:

First Vice Chairman: Mike Thomas
Western Vice Chairman: Wendell Walker
Western Vice Chairwoman: Nancy Dye
Eastern Vice Chairman: Kevin Gentry
Eastern Vice Chairwoman: Diane Bannister
Secretary: Jill Cook
Treasurer: John Selph

Below are photos of some of the people who spent half a day in Charlottesville with fellow Republicans conducting the business of the party.

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SCC members call on RPV to rebuke racist statements of Bull Elephant blogger

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Republican Party of Virginia leaders Mike Thomas, State Central Committee (SCC) first vice chairman, and Carole de Triquet, SCC member, have taken the lead in calling on the party’s ruling body to rebuke racist statements made by a conservative blogger.

Jeanine Martin at the Bull Elephant blog made the comments in a post and follow-up comments (for background see Jeanine Martin doesn’t think immigrants ‘Hmong’ here — updated with responses and more hate). Martin is also a member of the Loudoun GOP and has carried a proxy to SCC meetings.

Martin’s comments caused an outcry among party members who have worked to engage minority voters, not just at the polls, but also as candidates throughout the state.

Here is the letter sent to RPV Chairman John Whitbeck and State Central Committee by Thomas and de Triquet:

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Unofficial results of SCC meeting appeals – Update

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Obviously RPV’s state central committee decided to go on with the appeals process today at the meeting in Richmond that has been going on all day. Here are the unofficial results so far:

Appeal #1: 1st District — SCC voted two-to-one to uphold the 1st District ruling.

Appeal #2: Campbell County — SCC voted 50-27 for to do-over of the Campbell County mass meeting.

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FitzSimmonds is no-show at SCC meeting … Moulton carries proxy

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Embattled treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia, Bob FitzSimmonds, was a no-show at today’s State Central Committee meeting in Richmond. In his place was Russ Moulton carrying FitzSimmonds’ proxy. FitzSimmonds has been called upon to resign his position in GOP leadership after making the latest of a series of politically insensitive blunders on Facebook and though he professed to have “resigned” after coming under fire, today’s no-show and declaration to “resign” when a successor is found put it in question (see Brian Schoeneman’s FitzSimmonds’ “resignation” is a farce).

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RPV: Will Mullins, SCC spark more fireworks at today’s meeting in Richmond?

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Some big names came out Friday asking RPV Chairman Pat Mullins and state central committee to set aside the bitter appeals battles that have raged for most of 2014 and, instead, concentrate on electing Republican candidates for the November elections (see Schoeneman is right: ‘SCC shouldn’t let misguided priorities cost us much needed wins).

Among them were three congressmen who stepped forward in unity and a show of leadership: Rep. Robert Hurt (R-5th), Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-9th), and Rep. Scott Rigell (R-2nd) (see Congressmen Rigell, Hurt, Griffith ask SCC to defer appeals until after November elections). Where are the other congressmen to call for an end to this eternal squabbling that has consumed our party for the past five to six years?

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State Senator Frank Wagner calls on Mullins, SCC for postponement of appeals process

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Add State Senator Frank Wagner (R-7th State Senate District) to the ever-growing list of Republicans calling on RPV’s State Central Committee to postpone multiple appeals scheduled to be heard at Saturday’s meeting in Richmond. He notes to Pat Mullins that, first and foremost, the November elections should be Republicans’ only focus in a year when it is incredibly important for the future of our country.

Senator Wagner also noted 2nd District representatives have not received a copy of the appeal to be heard Saturday.

As I’ve written before, we have very important November elections to win. Some on SCC appear to have forgotten that in the civil war that continues with the party.

To see a copy of Senator Wagner’s letter, go here.

Previous posts about this issue:

Congressmen Rigell, Hurt, Griffith ask SCC to defer appeals actions until after November elections

Matt Hall: An open letter to 6th District SCC members and Wendell Walker — stop the madness


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Congressmen Rigell, Hurt, Griffith ask SCC to defer appeals actions until after November elections

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Congressman Scott Rigell (R-2nd CD), Robert Hurt (R-5th CD), and Morgan Griffith (R-9th CD) are the latest to join in the chorus of Republicans throughout the Commonwealth asking that RPV’s State Central Committee postpone the ongoing appeals scheduled to be heard at Saturday’s meeting in Richmond and, instead, move forward in the business of campaigning and electing our candidates in the November election.

Many are appreciative that these three congressmen have shown strong leadership as they recognize the urgent need to work together in a proactive way and set aside the appeals hearings until the December SCC meeting. The number of appeals to be taken up Saturday will have members listening for hours — probably their entire Saturday will be taken up with the process, precious time that could be spent in the field for U.S. Senate and U.S. Congressional candidates.

To see a copy of the congressional letter sent to Pat Mullins and SCC, click here.



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Matt Hall: An open letter to 6th District SCC members and Wendell Walker – ‘Stop the madness’

By Matt Colt Hall

Dear Members of the Sixth District SCC members and Chairman Walker,

My name is Matthew Hall, and I’m a member of the Roanoke County Republican Committee and I am also the Secretary of the Roanoke Young Republican Club. I am writing you this evening in regards to tomorrows SCC meeting.

I urge you to push the appeals of slating back to the December 2014 SCC meeting, so that the issue be put to rest after the election. This slating issue is making the Republican Party look like squabbling group of children. We need to be working on electing Republican Candidate. As Brian Schoeneman said this evening on Bearing Drift:

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Schoeneman is right: ‘SCC shouldn’t let misguided priorities cost us much needed wins’

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Welcome to the era of Virginia’s new political establishment – it’s not about electing Republicans, it’s about internal power struggles and glorified arguments over parliamentary procedure. — Brian Schoeneman

The ink was barely dry on Brian Schoeneman’s truthful, well-written piece at Bearing Drift (see SCC shouldn’t let misguided priorities cost us much needed wins) when one of the usual suspects who throws verbal stink bombs all over the place stopped by to lob yet another, proving exactly what Brian had written, and it was quickly followed by another.

The crux of the matter is Saturday’s State Central Committee meeting in Richmond that has members wanting to continue the internal squabbling rather than concentrate on a very important election cycle leading to November:

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5th District Chairman Jon Berkley’s open letter re: First District’s ruling on Fauquier Co. party canvass

Jon BerkleyBy Jon Berkley
Chairman, Fifth District Republican Committee

To: Pat Mullins, Chairman RPV and Fellow Members of the State Central Committee
Re: First District’s Ruling on Fauquier Co. Party Canvass

As Chairman of the Fifth District, I would like to share my sentiments regarding an appeal on which this Committee will rule. The Committee’s ruling will either strengthen our party, or it will further cripple our party and diminish support for our candidates.

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Lunch with Polly Campbell … surprise presentation of RPV resolution

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????Polly Campbell stood Friday on the front porch of the historic and stately Mimslyn Inn overlooking Luray and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She and I had made plans for lunch but she didn’t know a couple of friends would be joining us and that she was to receive a commemorative resolution from the Republican Party of Virginia honoring and thanking her for more than 50 years of service to the party. She was also actively involved in the Page County Republican Committee during those years. (See Polly Yager Campbell … growing up in the shadow of Shenandoah National Park.)

A Commending Resolution in Appreciation and Gratitude to PAULINA “POLLY” YAGER CAMPBELL
For 50 Years of Service to the Republican Party of Virginia

??????????This photo is of Governor John Dalton and Polly circa somewhere around 1979. These two were Young Republicans and lifelong friends. When they began working within the party in the early 1960s, the Democratic Byrd Machine was in control of Virginia but the generation that included Polly and Governor Dalton saw that change as they worked to bring the Republican Party into relevance.

From Encyclopedia Virginia: “Although the Daltons hailed from the western ‘Mountain and Valley’ region, where Republicans tended to be centrist in their political outlook, John Dalton became a leading advocate in the 1970s for a party-building strategy that stressed recruiting conservative converts from the ranks of former Democrats. In this, he was allied closely with Richard D. Obenshain, the Republican state chairman, and with Byrd-Organization Democrats such as former governor Mills Godwin. Godwin exited the Democratic Party as its more liberal faction gained control early in the 1970s, and ran for governor again as a Republican in 1973. Dalton joined the Godwin ticket as the candidate for lieutenant governor, and the pairing helped to cement an alliance between the Republican moderates from the west and the conservative former Democrats in the eastern two-thirds of the state. Dalton simultaneously cultivated ties to the state’s moderate-conservative business establishment and projected a youthful, energetic appeal to the state’s fast-growing suburban areas.”

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Resolution honoring Polly Campbell for 50 years with Republican Party of Virginia


Polly Campbell and Governor John Dalton

A Commending Resolution in Appreciation and Gratitude to


For 50 Years of Service to the Republican Party of Virginia

WHEREAS, the Republican Party of Virginia wishes to recognize Polly Yager Campbell, a lifelong Republican who dedicated more than 50 years as a volunteer for the Party and many candidate campaigns, and

WHEREAS, Polly was born into a third generation Republican family and was raised to stand up with courage for the Republican convictions during the “Byrd Machine” years.  As a child, Polly witnessed those who supported Republican candidates not being considered for the few available jobs in the private sector in her community, and vowed to commit herself to changing her community and the Commonwealth, and

WHEREAS, Polly became active in the Republican Party in 1960 at a time where being a Republican remained unpopular and where there were few actively engaged women in the Republican Party, and

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