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Write-in campaign against GOP nominee brings up question of Party Plan violation

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Jeff Frederick write-inSomething in the Republican Party of Virginia State Party Plan covers Republican members who support those other than the GOP nominee….

UPDATE: Article VII, Section C. Removal. This section of the Party Plan is applicable in this situation. (The previous section that was listed has been removed to avoid confusion.)

A member of an Official Committee is held to a higher standard of support for nominees of the Republican Party than an individual who merely participates in a mass meeting, party canvass, convention or primary. Therefore, a member of an Official Committee is deemed to have resigned his Committee position if he (a) makes a reportable contribution to and/or (b) allows his name to be publicly used by and/or (c) makes a written or other public statement in support of a candidate in opposition to a Republican nominee in a Virginia General or Special Election. Such member may be re-instated by a majority vote of the other members of the Committee.

Calling Chairman John Whitbeck. Read more of the Party Plan.

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