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Crape myrtleBy Lynn R.  Mitchell

It’s August. We are now three-fourths of the way through the heat and humidity that make up what is commonly considered the last month of summer vacation although in our corner of Augusta County in the Shenandoah Valley it’s been a mild season. Only a handful of days have been in the 90s with no triple-digit temps, and it has been unusually rainy. The brown, crackly grass that is normally underfoot by the 4th of July never materialized.  We’ve still battled the mugginess and humidity of summer in Virginia but, all-in-all, it has been surprisingly comfortable.

Summer is waning. The signs are everywhere. Cicadas drone in the afternoon heat with backup from a cricket chorus. Spiders spin their intricate, wide-ranging webs that stretch across walkways and between balusters and shimmer with early morning dew. Squirrels busily scamper the grounds looking for hiding places for their cache of winter fortifications. The big rumbling yellow school bus returned this week as students gave up sleeping late and carefree days to return to classrooms already prepared by teachers whose summer vacation ended even earlier.

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Rocking on the porch enjoying the sweet Virginia breeze

FlowersBy Lynn R. Mitchell

I’m rocking on the front porch as a brisk breeze with a cool edge blows across the yard, and the sky is clouding over during the late afternoon in my corner of Augusta County. Leaves are rustling in the trees … it feels and looks like rain … so I had to come outside to enjoy the comfortable 70-degree weather.  Newly-planted summer annuals are happily blooming in the windows boxes on the porch railing and in terra cotta pots scattered on the steps and around the porch, beautiful reminders of summer blossoms that will fill the landscape with waves of color as the season progresses. Their purple-pinks and whites and yellows, blues, and reds make a rainbow of awe as the weather turns hot.

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