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Photos: In loss, Eric Cantor reached out to make others feel better

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Eric Cantor


Congressman Eric Cantor lost Tuesday night’s Republican Primary for the 7th Congressional District but while addressing the room where hundreds of supporters and campaign volunteers had gathered, he reached out to comfort them.

Noting that he knew there were heavy hearts in the room, he said he knew they had worked long hours in the heat, and he thanked them. He thanked supporters who had been there and voted and cheered for him. He thanked his wife Diana who stood by his side.

In the hour when he most certainly must have felt a tremendous weight, his thoughts were for those who had been by his side. As he exited the room beside where I stood, he hugged well-wishers along the way who reached out to a caring, kind man who had been painted by the opposition as something else. The American dream — immigrants who came to America, worked hard, raised a family, and saw a son not only succeed but become the second most powerful Republican in the United States of America — that all should have been proud of but voters chose to go in a different direction.

How sad for Virginia. How sad for America. How sad for the 7th Congressional District.

This will play out in time. A door closes, a window opens. There’s more in store for Eric Cantor … wait and see.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
June 10, 2014

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Laura Ingraham: We should have traded Eric Cantor for Bergdahl

By Lynn R. Mitchell

“I was thinking about this prisoner swap. I kind of wish that President Obama would have thought this through a little bit more. Instead of sending five Taliban MVPs over there, he could have just traded one Eric Cantor.” –Laura Ingraham, conservative talk show host

What is she thinking? She is suggesting one of the most powerful leaders in United States government — the second most powerful Republican, no less — be traded to the Taliban, even if in jest.

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20 made-up lies about Eric Cantor … and the truth

Eric Cantor 8By Lynn R. Mitchell

Lies and rumors about Congressman Eric Cantor have been widely distributed by tea party candidate Dave Brat’s supporters. As we near the June 10 primary for the 7th Congressional District, it’s time to set the record straight. Here’s the truth from Brian Schoeneman in response to 20 lies about Eric Cantor that were posted in the Bearing Drift comments from a Dave Brat supporter (see Liberal professor David Brat pulls a two-face two-step by Brian Kirwin).

Lie #1: Eric Cantor made insider trading illegal for Americans, but exempted his family members.

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WSJ: ‘Eric Cantor, Tea-Party Posturing, and the GOP’

Eric Cantor 6

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Dave Brat, challenging U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, has criticized the Congressman for allowing an increase in the debt ceiling and voting for a budget that didn’t defund Obamacare even though the House has repeatedly tried to repeal it.

Peter Wehner, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and who served in the last three Republican administrations, responded to Brat’s criticisms of Cantor in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal with Eric Cantor, Tea-Party Posturing, and the GOP:

Eric Cantor is a conservative by any reasonable standard. But that’s not enough. Some on the right insist that conservatives also be aggressively stupid; that they embrace tactics that might make them and their cause more unpopular. In politics, there have always been people who thrive on relentless confrontations, who want to go over the cliff with all flags flying, and who seem oddly enamored with the auto-da-fe. Such people can be amusing in small doses, but in large doses they can harm a party and a movement. [emphasis added]

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Will tea party glee be short-lived?

??????????By Lynn R. Mitchell

Anything can happen at political conventions. That was evident in the 2013 Virginia Republican State Convention with the candidates that were elected to represent the GOP on November’s ballot.  It was again proven at Saturday’s 7th Congressional District Convention when backers of Fred Gruber, head of the Louisa County tea party, turned out to vote for him as chairman over long-time Republican volunteer and incumbent Linwood Cobb.

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Tea party: Why the take-over of GOP and not Democratic party?

tea party flagBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Something has been gnawing at me for a while and others have vocalized it, too.

Several years ago while I was still a member of the 6th Republican Congressional District committee, a tea partier from Harrisonburg was carrying a proxy to the meeting. As we talked before it started, he said to me, “We need to go after those Republicans.” I looked at him incredulously and asked, “Don’t you think we need to go after the Democrats?”

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Gruber win in 7th Congressional District doesn’t bode well for Republicans

Daniel Cortez 2By Daniel Cortez

A not unexpected event occurred when Fred Gruber defeated Linwood Cobb Saturday for the 7th Congressional District Chairman. They pulled an ole Ollie North tactic — bus in your supporters to win a battle but ultimately lose the war effort that may further divide the Republican base in November.

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Bill Bolling: ‘Battle taking place for heart and soul of Republican Party’

???????????????????????????????Former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling released a statement on the results of today’s Republican 7th District Chair race:

“I was extremely disappointed to hear of the results of today’s 7th district Republican Convention. Linwood Cobb has served our party well for years, and he deserved to be re-elected as the 7th district’s Republican Chair.

“Clearly, there is a battle taking place for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. We are seeing this battle play out all across our state. While the voice of every Republican should be heard, our challenge is to figure out how to be a conservative party, without allowing the most extreme voices of the day to control our party and determine its future direction.

“I remain committed to aggressive efforts to reform the Republican Party and get it back to a more mainstream place. If we cannot accomplish this, we will drive away more and more traditional Republicans and it will become almost impossible for us to reach out to the broader cross section of Virginians whose support we need to win elections and earn the right to lead.”

Linwood Cobb was the hardest working Republican district chairman in the state of Virginia, raising almost $1 million for Republicans, holding two of the top three Republican events in the state (behind the Virginia State Convention), and building the party in a way that will now be lost. It’s a sad day for Republicans.

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Louisa tea party chairman wins 7th Congressional District chair — Eric Cantor’s district

tea party flagBy Lynn Mitchell

Tea party delegates came in by the busload Saturday morning to vote at the 7th Congressional District Convention in Richmond, Congressman Eric Cantor’s district. They were there to vote for Fred Gruber, someone put up for the position after no one else would run. They rallied around him and made him the poster boy of defeating “establishment” Republicans. Fred Gruber is head of the Louisa Tea Party.

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Blogging the 7th Congressional District Convention


10:15 a.m. The ballroom is packed at the Richmond Hilton with a crowd of delegates representing the districts of the 7th Congressional District. Many familiar faces are here including former Governor Jim Gilmore and former Lieutenant Governor John Hager. Upward of 1,000 delegates were expected to participate. Congressman Cantor came in a while ago with his wife and family.

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Patriotism or Perversion?

Wayne OzmoreBy Wayne Ozmore
Guest Post

As I continue to see a leader of the local Tea Party Patriot movement fly the U.S. Flag upside down, I take solace in the words of Simon Wiesenthal–a prolific hero of mine and people the world over. Wiesenthal was a survivor of the Nazi concentration camp located at Mauthausen. As a child, I wrote many book reports on the success of Wiesenthal’s efforts to track and hunt down fugitive Nazi’s after WWII. Here, in his own words from a speech he gave on August 5, 1980, is what Simon Wiesenthal said about the US Flag as American troops liberated him from the death camp in 1945:

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