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Jeb’s national security and military readiness remarks at The Citadel

Jeb BushBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Video of Jeb Bush’s Citadel speech.

Jeb Bush addressed the student body at South Carolina’s The Citadel on Wednesday and, as Jennifer Rubin noted in the Washington Post, there are “a few voices of sanity on national security:

In a sea of self-delusion (from President Obama), fear-mongering (from anti-immigrant opportunists) and mind-numbing geopolitical stupidity (let’s allow Russia and Iran take over Syria!), there are some voices of reason out there.

Let’s start with Jeb Bush, who today at The Citadel rolls out a substantive, detailed defense proposal.

She then offered details of his national security policy. Read more here. He would:

  • Grow the Army Active Component end-strength back to 490,000
  • Build the Marines back up to 186,000
  • Increasing Navy and Air Force firepower
  • Modernizing the nuclear triad
  • Study the feasibility of a high-altitude, medium-to-long endurance persistent ISR/strike system to complement the new long range bomber
  • Increase the combat fleet by continuing with the F-35 program
  • Explore other options for air supremacy
  • Rebuild our intelligence capabilities
  • Secure our basic infrastructure
  • Address gaps in our border and visa security

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