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‘The Race’ inspired George W … now it can inspire Jeb

Jeb Bush 37 w WBy Lynn R. Mitchell

In the summer of 1999, Texas Governor George W. Bush was in the beginning months of his candidacy for president. At the time, primaries and the election itself were months away and no one knew how it would turn out. Bush noted at the time that he carried a copy of the poem, “The Race,” as his inspiration for the long road ahead.

Now, sixteen years later, his younger brother Jeb is running for president. We are mere days away from the first primary in a year that has many Republican candidates vying for the position of Republican nominee, and a reality television personality named Donald Trump who has roused the angry crowds.

But through it all, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has remained dignified and a statesman, respectful of others, a thinker who has policies on the very important issues facing our country. Not a flash showman like Trump, Jeb is steadfastly moving forward and building momentum as America gets to know him better and better as each day passes.

Here, then, is The Race, for a new Bush generation vying to become President of the United States. #AllinforJeb

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