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Two-faced Stewart

Tito MunozBy Tito A. Munoz
Guest Post

The most predictable trait of Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart is his ability to do or say anything to win an election. He says one thing to some people, and says or does another thing among others. Stewart has primary opposition now and both of his faces are making grand appearances.

Corey Stewart

Stewart with one face miraculously admitted he was mistaken to oppose the changes on a Racial Profiling Law the county implemented in 2007. “I was wrong,” he said at a recent candidates’ debate. One week later the second face of Corey Stewart appeared when Stewart sent a flier to voters promoting his 2007 campaign against illegal immigrants as an accomplishment rather than a mistake. I received mine last Friday.

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Corey Stewart … “I was wrong back then”

By Tito A. Munoz
Guest Post

“I was wrong back then with regard to the modification of the policy,” Stewart said acknowledging his opposition to the modification of his Illegal Immigration policy was a mistake. These were the words of Chairman Corey Stewart during the April 11th Republican Prince William County Chairman Candidate’s Debate (see video above).
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Brian Schoeneman’s big campaign kick-off for Fairfax supervisor

By Deborah Bornstein Munoz
Guest Post

Brian Schoeneman 4Brian Schoeneman kicked off his campaign for Fairfax County Sully District supervisor Tuesday night with a big crowd of supporters at Backyard Grill in Chantilly. Here Brian addresses the crowd while Supervisor Pat Herrity and former school board member Steve Hunt, who have both endorsed him, listen to his remarks. Brian gave an excellent speech about growing business and strengthening the tax base in Sully and, for business owners, it was good to hear he would continue the tradition of a business-friendly board of supervisors since many consider Sully to be the Tysons Corner for site construction products and other industries.

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Rediscovering Colombia: Opportunity and Prosperity

Deborah MunozBy Deborah Bornstein Munoz
Guest Post

Many of us are overloaded by work, business and politics and in dire need of a vacation. We all try to refocus, make time for our spouses, turn off the phones and reset priorities. My husband Tito and I did just that for three weeks in December during a visit to Colombia. Our main mission in visiting Colombia was to relax and enjoy the beaches and glorious weather, the food and music and to spend time with friends and some family members.

Tito 1

Tito Munoz gave a lecture on liberty in Barranquilla, Colombia.

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