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For Bob McDonnell, Life Is Sweeter After Walking Through Fire


Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA 6th) and former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. February 11, 2017.

bob-mcdonnell-16We gathered for a joyous party at Dan and Trixie Averill’s house with friend to all, Bob McDonnell. Everyone there had some part in his political life over the years. It was the first opportunity we all had been together at the same time since the governor, who never stopped maintaining his innocence, was vindicated when he was cleared of his legal case with the federal government.

trixie-averill-1I’ve got to admit, he had more faith and trust in the justice system than I did but he was, indeed, vindicated. On June 27, 2016, the United States Supreme Court made a rare unanimous decision to vacate Governor McDonnell’s conviction. On September 8, 2016, the U.S. Government announced it was asking the court to dismiss the case.

trixie-averill-3It was a long ordeal and extremely wearing on the entire McDonnell family, and left them $10 million in debt for legal expenses. It is unbelievable that the federal government can come in and cause American citizens to incur that kind of debt, especially for charges that are proven to be false. Bob has walked through fire, but a weight has been lifted from his shoulders and his spirits and pep in his step have returned. He is returning to the Bob McDonnell we all knew throughout the years.

trixie-averill-4So it was a night to rejoice with friends, and relax, and say thank you. He and Trixie have worked together for 30 years as he worked his way from Delegate in the House to Attorney General to Governor, and he led us the entire way. She never lost faith in him. He was our leader to rally around, and many feel that may have something to do with the federal government going after him.

trixie-averill-7We drank Dan’s Hurricanes — a throwback to the New Orleans background for he and Trixie — and enjoyed his chili and other goodies. Congressman Goodlatte had just returned to Roanoke so he and Maryellen joined us as well as Delegate Chris Head. It was a night to celebrate in Roanoke.



Many thanks to Dan and Trixie for the hospitality, and to Bob for all his service to the citizens of Virginia and the nation from his years in the military and as a public servant. When he swept into office in 2009 with Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli — an all-Republican ticket that won — Virginia Republicans were riding high. It was the last time.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell

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Jeb brings presidential campaign to Bristol, helps Virginia senate candidates

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Governor Jeb Bush. September 24, 2015. Bristol, Virginia.

4Governor Jeb Bush (center) with Senators Ryan McDougle and Bill Carrico (right) and senate candidate Nancy Dye and Senator Ben Chafin (left).

Impressive. That was my first thought reflecting on Thursday’s fundraiser with Governor Jeb Bush to help Republican state senate candidates retain their majority in Virginia’s General Assembly. In an election year when all 40 seats are up for reelection, Republicans hold a slim 21-19 lead. Demonstrating the team effort that has been stressed as absolutely necessity, Governor Bush emphasized, “We have to be a team of conservatives that reach out to everybody to win.”

It wasn’t his first time helping Virginia Republicans. Earlier this year he donated $10,000 to the cash-strapped Republican Party of Virginia.

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Happy Birthday, Lt. Governor John Hager

By Lynn R. Mitchell

John Hager 4

Former Virginia Lieutenant Governor John Hager with then-7th Congressional District Chairman Linwood Cobb … 2014.

Birthday greetings to one of the hardest working Republicans in Virginia — former Lieutenant Governor John Hager! He travels all over the Commonwealth to events and supports candidates, something he continues to do. He’s everywhere! Together with wife Maggie, they are in-laws to the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, and former First Lady Laura Bush. Their son Henry is married to the Bush’s daughter Jenna. Here are just a few of the many photos I have taken of the LG at GOP events throughout the years with a sincere thanks for all he has done to advance the causes we all believe in. Happy Birthday, John Hager!

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Averill: It’s time for voter registration by party

Trixie 2By Trixie Averill
Guest Post

Let’s talk voter registration. I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and throwing myself to the lions but I feel that, in light of recent events and mostly because it is the right thing to do, the time has come for the Virginia General Assembly to approve voter registration by party.

No, this isn’t just in the heat of the moment after witnessing a very divisive State Central Committee meeting where GOP friends were pitted against each other and a few even brought to tears over the pressure they were receiving from both sides.  The fact is, I’ve argued myself blue in the face talking in favor of it off and on during the 19 years that I served on that most auspicious body.  Most of America has registration by party and there is a clear option for those who wish not to align themselves. It’s called Independent, and that person can choose which primary he/she wishes to vote in. They can even change their minds in each election; it’s entirely up to them.

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Photos from Saturday’s RPV meeting in Staunton

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Staunton 4 rainyOn a rainy Saturday morning, the Republican Party of Virginia arrived in Staunton, located in the 24th Senate District, to resurrect a lawsuit in the 24th District (see Here we go again: RPV resurrects lawsuit in Emmett Hanger’s 24th Senate District), and to vote for a Presidential Primary during the five-hour marathon meeting (see Live-blogging RPV State Central Committee meeting in Staunton, Va).

Brian Schoeneman has a good analysis of Saturday’s meeting at Bearing Drift (see SCC meeting in Staunton puts RPV dysfunction on full display).

1RPV’s First Vice-Chairman Michael Thomas (right) with his son Alec Thomas. Mike has been a pillar in the party and a voice of reason during the turmoil in recent years.

2Kasha Nielsen, ‎Chairwoman at College Republican Federation of Virginia and UVa student, rallied the pro-primary supporters prior to the vote. She was cheered by the crowd that included at least two dozen College Republicans (CRs) and Young Republicans (YRs).

3YRs and CRs sat on the floor due to lack of chairs: YR and small business owner Emily Brewer (left), CR Samatha Sedivy (middle), student at University of Richmond’s T.C. Williams Law School; and YR Thomas Turner (right) who had written a pro-primary post for LynnRMitchell.com (see Western Tidewater Young Republican Chairman supports a primary for 2016). #TeamPrimary

Trixie, Don Wms, Ben DessertDonald Williams, Chairman of Chesterfield County Republican Committee; Trixie Averill, former RPV Western Vice-Chairwoman; Ben Dessart, law student at the University of Richmond T.C. Williams Law School.

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Trixie Averill presented ‘Excellence Award’ from Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau

Trixie Averill 1Congratulations to Trixie Averill who was honored tonight for her work with tourism in the Roanoke Valley! She was totally surprised so congratulations on their ability to pull one over on her.

Trixie Averill 2It is a well-deserved award for someone who has given freely of her time to advance tourism and share her love of the Blue Ridge and Roanoke Valley while also working throughout the years in leadership of the Republican Party of Virginia. Way to go, Trixie!

Photos by Dan Averill
June 25, 2015

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Averill: How a 2016 Presidential Convention disenfranchises Virginians

Trixie 2By Trixie Averill
Guest Post

I am not a blogger and rarely, if ever, make comments on blogs.  However, this issue is too important for me to let it pass without weighing in with my own perspective.  I have said this verbally to other Republicans and I’ll say it here now:  if the Republican Party of Virginia chooses to go with a presidential convention, it will be the same as putting a gun in the mouth of the party for many reasons – not the least of which is that Virginia will be the laughing stock of the nation yet again.  However, that is far from the main reason that I oppose a presidential convention.

The main reason is because a convention will disenfranchise too many people who are paying attention and would like to vote for their favorite candidate for President.   A convention is a time and money investment that many people simply can’t make.  First, you must attend a mass meeting to run for and be elected as a delegate to the convention. Then you must make travel arrangements and, depending on your distance from the venue, you will need to book a hotel room for one or two nights, again depending on the length of your trip — not to mention the length of the convention.  In 2013 it ran until past midnight. Back in the 80s I attended one in Norfolk that ran till past 1:00am. That kind of takes the gilt off the lily for a lot of folks who are Republican voters but not the “party-hearty-till-all-hours” type. To force Virginia Republicans to attend a day- and possibly night-long convention out of town shows small respect for their voting rights and disenfranchises way too many people who cannot make the trip.

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Rainy Vinton Dogwood parade photos with Del. Chris Head

By Matt Colt Hall
Guest Post
Trixie 8 by M HallDelegate Chris Head and Trixie Averill during Saturday’s very rainy Vinton Dogwood parade.

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Catching up with long-time friend Bob McDonnell

By Trixie Averill
Guest Post

Bob McDonnell by Trixie 2Bob McDonnell and Trixie Averill

Bob McDonnell by Trixie

The highlight of my month was a surprise visit from Governor Bob McDonnell! He was driving through the Roanoke area Monday and decided to call and see if I could meet him for a milk shake. He looked great and it was a wonderful opportunity to catch up. For someone who has been to hell and back in the media, his outlook was sunny and he was in great form.

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Photos 3 … Sixth Congressional District convention

Jeb Wilkinson is one of my favorite Republicans. We met during the 2004 George W. Bush re-election campaign when he was state coordinator and I was Augusta County coordinator. We were driving to Richmond to pick up supplies from Jeb to carry back to the three local units — Augusta County, Staunton, and Waynesboro.

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Wendell Walker wins 6th Congressional District chairman re-election

??????????By Lynn R. Mitchell

Incumbent 6th Congressional District chairman Wendell Walker won at today’s convention held in Roanoke over challenger Vance Wilkins, former speaker of the house. In a packed high school auditorium, the proceedings included speeches, resolutions, and addresses from elected officials.

Trixie Averill and Wendell Walker. Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell.

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6th District Republicans: Wendell Walker piles up endorsements prior to Saturday’s convention

Wendell Walker 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

Incumbent 6th Congressional District chairman Wendell Walker has a stack of endorsements heading into Saturday’s convention with some notable names within the Republican Party including current and former leadership:


Senator Mark Obenshain
Senator Steve Newman
Delegate Kathy Byron
National Committeeman Morton Blackwell

Trixie Averill, former Western Vice Chairwoman and former 6th Congressional District Chairman
Lynn R. Mitchell, former State Central Committee member

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