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George Allen: ‘International trade is at the heart of Virginia’s economy’

George Allen 52By Lynn R. Mitchell

Former Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen gets it. America needs jobs and economic growth, and voters are concerned about the lack of both.

In Sunday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch, Governor Allen authored an op-ed about that very issue, a recurring concern of his throughout the years (see Allen: International trade at the heart of Virginia’s economy). He wrote:

A clear message from last month’s elections is that Americans are anxious about the economy. In fact, a look at the Virginia exit polls shows that the economy was the leading issue among half of all voters.

Members of Congress are now deliberating legislation on funding for the rest of the fiscal year — through September 2015 — that has the potential to boost economic growth. As they do, it will be important for them to view investments in international engagement as a way to promote our economic interests around the world and to create jobs at home.

As a longtime champion of Virginia’s economy, I’ve seen firsthand how our economic fate is tied directly to actions and markets around the world.
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