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Cardinals in the snow

By Lynn R. Mitchell

I was busy in the kitchen this afternoon when my husband watched half a dozen bright red male cardinals in the trees around the bird feeder while a March snow fell in the Shenandoah Valley. He was giving me a heads up that there were photo ops right outside the window so I suggested he grab my camera and go for it. As I continued with meal prep, he snapped these pics. The thing about cardinals is how stunning their scarlet color is in a white background. Here are his photos.

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Snowy Saturday in Augusta County, wintry weather to continue all day

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????The back yard bird feeder is busy this morning as heavy snow falls in Augusta County. This cardinal was hunkered down on the picket fence as he faced into the wind and driving snow while waiting his turn at the smorgasbord.

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Cardinals at the bird bath


This pair of cardinals were at our freezerless bird bath Friday afternoon as the snow came down. It was taken through the glass door so it’s not as in focus as it could be. This is one of many cardinal pairs that live in the yard and visit our bird feeder and bird bath throughout the year.

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell
January 23, 2015

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