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The Virginian-Pilot is wrong about homeschool sports ‘entitlement’

school booksBy Lynn R. Mitchell

In 2013 Education Week reported, “Four out of five Americans believe homeschooled students should have the opportunity to participate in public school sports, according to a new poll from Gallup and Phi Delta Kappa” (see Public Supports Homeschool Students Playing Public School Sports).

Even so, the Virginian-Pilot editorialized its opposition to HB 1616, the “Tebow Bill” that passed in the 2015 Virginia General Assembly with bipartisan support and is currently waiting for Governor Terry McAuliffe’s signature. The newspaper’s primary reason for opposing is improbable (see Homeschool lobby wins special privileges) :

The latest proposal … still presents an opening for school districts to elevate success in sports ahead of enrollment in an academic community, paving the way for home-schooled students to do as Tebow did a decade ago, when he and his family shopped for a public-school football team that would accommodate his big arm.

I hate to burst the Virginian-Pilot’s bubble (well, actually, I’m happy to burst it) but very few homeschool families would feel compelled to cherry-pick a location for their children to play sports. Even fewer homeschool families could afford to go to such lengths as to move part of the family because most live frugally on one-income salaries. That argument is projecting a scare factor that just is not there.

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‘Tea grows more bitter’

tea party flagBy Lynn R. Mitchell

The next year, things began to change. I began to see another side of her.

She began to demand more of me, asking me to adhere to her every demand and questioning our relationship when I didn’t or couldn’t. There were others, she said, if I couldn’t be what she needed me to be. While I always knew that, I never thought she’d turn on me. It was always something different; where I tried to compromise, she called me names. When I made a point in our arguments, her other lovers would shun me. When I talked about my reality and that of those around me, she attacked me.

That’s part of a column from blogger Coby Dillard in the Virginian-Pilot (see Tea grows more bitter) who expresses his changing feelings over the years with tea party politics. It’s a very interesting read … highly recommended.

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Virginia: Senate Democrats not sold on Hanger compromise

By Lynn R. Mitchell

“That’s a very bad idea. … I think the Tea Party finally got to [Emmett Hanger].”
–Virginia Senate Majority Leader Richard Saslaw

When state Senator Emmett Hanger sent a press release on Thursday (see Virginia: Emmett Hanger proposes compromise on Medicaid expansion) proposing a compromise in the Medicaid stand-off currently taking place between the state senate, House of Delegates, and Governor Terry McAuliffe, it caught Democrats by surprise, according to the Virginian-Pilot. Political reporter Julian Walker caught up with Virginia Senate Majority Leader Richard Saslaw (D-Fairfax):

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Appeal upholds Frank Wagner as chair of 2nd Congressional District

GOP elephantBy Lynn R. Mitchell

State Senator Frank Wagner was upheld as chairman of the 2nd Congressional District Committee after an appeal was heard Thursday night. The vote was 7-4. Continue reading

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