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Karaffa: A Well Informed Electorate

David KaraffaBy David Karaffa
Guest Post

As naive as we are, I am still an optimist when it comes to this country. We hear repeatedly that America is in trouble, that we are facing our most perilous times, that we are being over run by ideology, and a sense of fear for the future is stoked in us all.

And while there are threats that this country faces, social hardships to overcome, and an economy that struggles; there is hope for this young nation.

This is not to say that hope alone will solve our problems and deliver us from the issues that we currently face. It will take an individual effort to become informed and act. Not just about the issues we face, but we need to become informed about ourselves. Too many of us have only heard the superficial talking points about issues that only scratch the surface of their complexity.

If you are asking yourself how we got here as a nation, it is vitally important that the answer begin with an honest look in the mirror and accepting of our own faults. So before we dive into the issues of national interest, time must be taken to form a foundation of beliefs that we hold to be self truths. Who are you as an individual? Don’t start by saying you are a Republican or a Democrat, Conservative, Independent, or Liberal. It’s truly silly to accept one of these labels when we are all different shades of red and blue.

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