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It’s not the 1990s anymore … 24/7 news cycle, the internet, and not controlling the narrative

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Jennifer Rubin’s “Right Turn” at the Washington Post nails Hillary Clinton’s uphill battle in the new media world (see Hillary Clinton can’t control her awful narrative):

There is something ironic about Hillary Clinton, whose fetish for control and secrecy is well known, going to the trouble of setting up an alternate e-mail system so that no one would find something incriminating that would set off a media firestorm. Didn’t work out so well, huh? We go on irony overload when she gives a news conference meant to “control the narrative” that explodes in her face, sending a million particles — tweets, blog posts, columns, radio spots, TV segments — cascading through the media, 99 percent of which were negative.

The internet and 24/7 news cycles today are far different than the 1990s when the Clintons were in the White House, a time when it was easier to control the narrative:

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Primary, or convention in 24th Senate District?

Emmett Hanger senate mapBy Lynn R. Mitchell

A lawsuit driven by one man, Waynesboro GOP Chairman Ken Adams, embraced by challenging tea party candidate Dan Moxley, reportedly backed by anonymous consultants and financiers from other areas of the Commonwealth, and represented by local lawyer John Wirth along with Ken Adams’ son, the 24th State Senate seat has become a proving ground of sorts for the right wing of the Republican Party of Virginia that wants conventions to rule all political candidate selections in the Commonwealth (see Republican committee challenges Virginia law in court).

Situated in Augusta County, Rockingham, Madison, Green, and Culpeper as well as the cities of Staunton and Waynesboro, the 24th has been represented since the 1990s by Senator Emmett Hanger. This time around sees a challenge from tea party candidate Moxley, Augusta County supervisor Marshall Pattie who also has tea party backing, and local farmer Donald Sheets, an unexpected last-minute entry (see Hanger gets another challenger).

On Wednesday the Staunton News Leader opined about the latest in a continuous stream of battles put forth by those who make up the tea party and Libertarian membership of the GOP (see Of primary importance):

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Bush delivers and electrifies CPAC audience as Tea Party protestors fizzle

Daniel Cortez 2

Daniel Cortez

By Daniel P. Cortez

Jeb Bush 13 by Daniel Anna Lee

Anna Lee of Northern Virginia would be a key conservative operative for a Bush for President campaign.

It appeared to be a more enthusiastic crowd on Friday than usual at CPAC for conservatives seeking the right Presidential candidate. Without question and in some cases a surprise, former Governor Jeb Bush wowed ’em. In the words of well-known Virginia conservative operative Anna Lee, Bush was “very Presidential and articulate.” It was his day in the sun.

Lee was part of the Who’s Who of Virginia supporters that included Marta Saltus and Manny Rosales, whose main focus was to support Bush and encourage him to simply, “Run.” Victor Cabral, noted Virginia attorney and husband of Anna Escobedo Cabral, who served as the nation’s 42nd Treasurer of the United States under George W. Bush, served as Virginia point man for the private Bush event. He was instrumental in assembling over 1,000 supporters from across the nation to a reception with Bush after a remarkable stage performance in front of a packed CPAC crowd. More importantly he brought key leaders of the Hispanic community to take a hard look at Bush. It worked.

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10 points from Jeb Bush, Washington Post says ‘CPAC is a win for Bush’

Gregory HiltonBy Gregg Hilton
Guest Post

The major media attention today was on Jeb Bush at CPAC. There was a walkout and booing, but overall the reviews were positive.

Rich Lowry of National Review said Bush “was questioned on all the tough topics by Sean Hannity, and he emerged unscathed.”

David Freddoso of the Washington Examiner said, “Bush is especially strong in a question and answer session.”

The former Governor made the following 10 points:

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Chris Cillizza: Jeb Bush ‘was, in a word, presidential’ at CPAC

Jeb Bush #6 by Daniel Cortez

Jeb Bush Friday at CPAC. (Photo by Daniel Cortez)

By Lynn R. Mitchell

It was not going to be a friendly crowd, the pundits wrote, when Jeb Bush decided to address attendees at this weekend’s CPAC convention in Baltimore. As a conservative with a proven track record from two terms as governor of Florida, Jeb has been bashed and redefined by conservative talk show hosts who have trashed him to their core listeners.

Word circulated prior to Friday’s event that there would be a walkout en mass by those who considered themselves far more conservative than Jeb (see CPAC attendees plan to walk out on Jeb Bush).

Jeb switched gears mid-week, opting for a question-and-answer with conservative Fox News commentator Sean Hannity in front of the CPAC crowds, and did extremely well. Chris Cillizza, writing in the Washington Post (see Jeb Bush was very, very good at CPAC today) said, “He was, in a word, presidential.”

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Crisis at RPV: Whitbeck puts staff on chopping block

Republican elephantBy Lynn R. Mitchell

The halls at the Republican Party of Virginia headquarters in Richmond will be emptier by the end of next week.

RPV Executive Director Shaun Kenney, gone.

RPV Communications Director Garren Shipley, gone.

No RPV political director. No RPV fund raiser.

Republican 5th Congressional District Chairman Jon Berkley, gone (see RPV in Crisis: Due process and rule of law ignored in removal of 5th CD Chair Jon Berkley).

All under the direction of the new “I’ve-been-in-office-four-weeks” RPV State Chairman John Whitbeck aka “the unifier” who said he wanted to bring the factions together.

You could call it the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

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Speaker Bill Howell pushes back at WaPost editorial on Medicaid expansion

Bill HowellBy Lynn R. Mitchell

On Sunday the Washington Post editorial board took aim at Virginia Republicans generally, and specifically at Speaker Bill Howell (see ‘Massive resistance,’ again, in Virginia). Speaker Howell responded to the broad-brushed accusations in a statement:

“This editorial is patently offensive to not only me, but also to the many honorable men and women serving in the House of Delegates and the millions of hard-working taxpayers who share our deep public policy concerns about Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. To compare the legitimate and widely-acknowledged policy concerns we have with Medicaid expansion to the shameful and ignorant policy of massive resistance is not only outrageous, it is, frankly, indefensible.
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Virginia Republicans look to the future


Linwood Cobb and Eric Cantor

By Lynn R. Mitchell

It’s the Top 5 state offices: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, two U.S. senate seats. Add to that president.

Virginia Republicans saw all those offices turn over to Democrats the past few years including the back-to-back loss for president that marked the first time Virginia carried a Democrat for president since the 1960s.

Frustrated at the string of losses and looking at the 2016 presidential election looming right around the corner, more than 100 Republican activists gathered Saturday in Richmond from as far away as southwestern Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley, Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, Southern Virginia, and the Richmond area. Representing every congressional district and looking to the future during the day-long event, they met in a casual atmosphere to hear positive messages from respected leaders and to network with fellow activists.  The message was one of how to grow the party and work together, how to reach diverse communities, and how to move forward to once again win statewide and presidential elections.

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Former Governor Wilder stands by McDonnell, courtroom crowd applauds

Bob McDonnellBy Lynn R. Mitchell

As character witness after character witness approached the witness stand, federal prosecutors sat and listened but made no move to cross-examine … until former Governor Doug Wilder stepped up to defend his old friend. Rosalind S. Helderman and Matthew Zapotosky with the Washington Post wrote what happened in the courtroom that caused the pro-McDonnell crowd to explode in applause when he brought up the man who got blanket immunity from the federal government:

L. Douglas Wilder, a fraternity brother of the former  governor and a former Virginia governor himself, told the judge that if not for this case, McDonnell would be on the shortlist for the presidential nomination.

“Without question,” Wilder said.
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Speaker Howell reacts to McDonnell verdict, stands by his friend

Bob McDonnellBy Lynn R. Mitchell

One of the character witnesses at Tuesday’s sentencing trial for former Governor Bob McDonnell was Virginia House of Representatives Speaker Bill Howell who stood up for his friend and fellow Republican. Washington Post reporter Matthew Zapotosky, who was in the courthouse in Richmond, noted the Speaker’s defense of McDonnell:

Speaker of the Virginia House William J. Howell (R-Stafford) has told Judge James Spencer that the trial and conviction of former governor Bob McDonnell has already served as a significant deterrent to other state lawmakers who might be tempted to break the law.

He said both caucuses of both chambers of the legislature have had “people” (FBI agents, presumably) brief them on the trial’s lessons. As a result, he said, legislators were especially concerned to “dot all their i’s and cross all their t’s.”

He noted that the legislature has already enhanced state ethics laws as a result of McDonnell’s actions and is likely to  stiffen those laws when the annual legislative session opens next week.
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WSJ … ‘Clint Bolick: Jeb Bush’s Conservative Immigration Agenda’

Jeb BushBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Fact: Jeb Bush is the only Republican to serve two terms as governor in Florida. Fact: Jeb Bush pulled in 61 percent of the Hispanic vote. Fact: Jeb Bush is fluent in  Spanish. Fact: The Hispanic population is the fastest-growing segment in America.

Immigration is a controversial issue in America but those who seek solutions should not be labeled with false names especially from fellow conservatives who are right-of-center (see The propaganda war of words against Jeb Bush): “Whether he runs or not, it is duplicitous to rewrite Jeb Bush’s conservative history.”

Clint Bolick’s article in today’s Wall Street Journal is in response to a sea of misinformation by setting the record straight about Governor Jeb Bush’s immigration policies (see Jeb Bush’s Conservative Immigration Agenda). Bolick, vice president for litigation at the Goldwater Institute and a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, co-authored, with Jeb Bush, the book, “Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution” in 2013. He wrote:
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What is Jim Gilmore up to?

Jim Gilmore, Pete Snyder

Jim Gilmore, Pete Snyder

By Lynn R. Mitchell

First I saw the photo on Shari Simmans-Bolouri’s Facebook page Monday night of former Governor Jim Gilmore and Pete Snyder, with her comment, “You never know who you will run into at district taco in Alexandria!”

Then there was the Washington Post article by Jenna Portnoy that began, “Former Virginia governor James S. Gilmore III is starting to act like a candidate again,” and speculated about him running for President (see Gilmore raises national profile, won’t rule out presidential bid) .

Maybe that’s why the Governor left a comment on my Facebook page saying that we needed to talk. Looks as if he and Pete are covering that base.

Photo by Shari Simmans-Bolouri

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Ted Cruz alienates his colleagues with latest government shutdown effort

Ted CruzBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Ted Cruz did it again. He tried to shut down the government just like the disastrous shutdown he orchestrated in October of 2013 (see Ted Cruz does it again by Manu Raju in Politico). Right here at Christmas! Think how well that would have gone over with the American people. Not only that, Cruz blindsided his colleagues while on his self-absorbed mission, demanding on Friday that senators stay in Washington over the weekend, just 10 days before Christmas, causing cancellations of family plans.

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‘Daily Caller’ and Virginia blogger stoop to new low regarding UVa ‘Rolling Stone’ article

Daniel Cortez 2By Daniel P. Cortez

In my 45 years as a writer-broadcaster and political media operative, this remains the worst breach of journalistic ethics I have ever seen. I find the author and editors of the Daily Caller reprehensible to suggest, by inference through association, that the son of former Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor had anything to do with the alleged gang rape reportedly occurring at the University of Virginia in 2012 during a fraternity party.

In the past such acts of desperate yellow journalism were frowned upon and summarily impugned by the established media community. Sadly, today this remains the consequence of poorly trained and ethically imbalanced blog operatives with a mentality embraced by too many known supporters of the tea party community. Such scurrilous acts of political sabotage through innuendo are the reason seasoned professional writers must be more selective to blog involvement in Virginia.

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‘With new Congress, Virginia is losing clout’

By Lynn R. Mitchell

When veteran Virginia congressmen James P. Moran, a Democrat, and Frank R. Wolf, a Republican, announced their plans to retire, then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., had a plan to mitigate the damage. He would make the case that the commonwealth should get one and possibly two new seats on the powerful Appropriations Committee.

Then Cantor lost his primary.

In January, Virginia will have gained three new members in Congress — but lost 71 years of seniority, including a valuable stronghold in Republican leadership.

That was the beginning of a comprehensive article that recently ran in the Washington Post by political reporter Rachel Weiner.

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