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Thinking of snapping green beans and remembering my grandmother

By Lynn R. Mitchell


            Watercolor by Jill Pritchett

A friend posted this picture on Facebook today and a flood of memories washed over me as I looked at the flowery loose-fitting dress, the probably-handmade apron, and the weathered hard-working hands busy at work snapping green beans. I remembered sitting on my grandparents’ porch as a child with my grandmother, my mom, and often some of my aunts as they snapped or peeled or did whatever was necessary for whatever fruit or vegetable was in season.

“Many hands make for light work.”

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The many hues of Watercolor’s flower and water gardens

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Watercolor 1

Watercolor, Florida, is a planned 500-acre resort town along Scenic Highway 30A on Florida’s Panhandle, dreamed up in 1999 on property owned since 1929 by the St. Joe  Company. Made to emulate the style of timeless Southern homes, it features wraparound porches, metal roof overhangs, columns,wooden siding, and screened outdoor spaces.

There are retail shops and restaurants but perhaps my favorite part of Watercolor is the town park featuring a mosaic tile waterway and brightly blooming seasonal flowers along with green spaces, walking paths, shade trees, and park benches to slow the pace.

Watercolor 2All flowers, trees, and shrubs are identified with placards for those who wonder about the bright red flowers (impatiens) or the clustered yellow blooms (lantana).

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Family, sand, and sun along Florida’s Gulf Coast

By Lynn R. Mitchell


??????????Autumn this year included taking some time to spend with our family along Florida’s Gulf Coast. White sand, sparkling emerald-colored water, temps in the 70s, and sunsets every evening made for the perfect family getaway. Even though they’re now grown, the kids are in the water throwing a Nerf football … some things never change.

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