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Shenandoah National Park: The bobcat and the timber rattler

Shenandoah National Park 1

By Lynn R. Mitchell

This intriguing picture was posted by Shenandoah National Park on their Facebook page with an explanation:

This photo was taken by remote game camera near the Park boundary in eastern Page County, VA (shared by Park cooperator, Steve Long). The bobcat (Felis rufus) is most likely “Trying Something New” and making a meal out of a timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus). Bobcats have been known to opportunistically but seldom take rattlesnakes as prey. Capturing this kind of image is so rare, that we thought we should share it with you!

Bobcat 1; timber rattler 0. Shenandoah National Park

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Fawn triplets are still hanging around

??????????Around the 4th of July, I wrote about the fawn triplets who were hanging out in our yard (see here and here). At the time they were tiny little spotted things but when I saw them yesterday in the back yard, they have grown considerably. Mom was with them at first but she meandered into the woods leaving the kids to fend for themselves under the black walnut trees.

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Fawn triplets return

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????Look who returned to check out my flower beds this afternoon. On Wednesday I posted photos (see Morning coffee and watching local wildlife) of these three as they spent the day lounging in my yard, napping, and nibbling flowers and grass. Today Mom was with them for a while, then she wandered back into the woods and left the triplets to explore on their own. Neighbors across the street have a young black bear hanging out in their back yard. It’s been an active wildlife season in western Virginia.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
June 29, 2014

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Wildlife in Fishersville subdivision

By Kurt Michael

The baby bunny population is alive and well this morning in my front yard.

BunnyBaby bunny on garden hose.

Bunny 2Bunny in the bushes.

Bunny 3Up close baby bunny in front yard.


Photos by Kurt Michael
June 28, 2014

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Morning coffee and watching local wildlife

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????Look who I found nibbling at my yellow coreopsis moonlight this morning. There were three fawns playing in the yard so I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures out the windows.

??????????(More photos after the fold.)

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