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Cardinals in the snow

By Lynn R. Mitchell

I was busy in the kitchen this afternoon when my husband watched half a dozen bright red male cardinals in the trees around the bird feeder while a March snow fell in the Shenandoah Valley. He was giving me a heads up that there were photo ops right outside the window so I suggested he grab my camera and go for it. As I continued with meal prep, he snapped these pics. The thing about cardinals is how stunning their scarlet color is in a white background. Here are his photos.

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Six years ago today … the Blizzard of 2009

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The Blizzard of 2009. Six years ago today was also a Sunday — December 20, 2009 — and the Shenandoah Valley had been dumped on with 2.5 feet of snow. Looking back at the pictures, it was truly a winter wonderland in the week of Christmas. That huge snow was the beginning of a very snowy winter that lasted into March 2010. Here are the photos I posted on that day.

Today we woke to 23 degrees but temps have been warm recently, and are forecast to be in the upper 60s for Christmas. What a difference six years makes….

The picket fence and gate were almost covered with more than 2 feet of snow on December 18-19, 2009.
(Photo by SWAC Daughter)
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