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Hiker survives black bear attack in Virginia, Yellowstone hiker killed by grizzly

BearBy Lynn R. Mitchell

A black bear attack on Saturday that injured a woman hiker from the Richmond suburb of Midlothian was a reminder that we are surrounded by national forest land and wild animals (see Midlothian woman survives bear attack in Douthat State Park and Bear attacks and wounds hiker at Douthat State Park). The attack, that took place at Douthat State Park in Bath County southwest of Staunton, is about 45 minutes from our front door. The injured hiker was with a group of five that startled the bear in a wilderness area four miles from their vehicle. All ran and the bear caught up with the woman, knocking her down and causing bite and scratch wounds that required multiple stitches on her legs and back.

Meanwhile, a 63-year-old man described as an experienced hiker was killed by a grizzly bear in the back country of Yellowstone National Park (see Yellowstone grizzly bear attack victim identified, bear caught).

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