15 reasons to vote for Emmett Hanger

Emmett Hanger 16

Sharon and Emmett Hanger on the campaign trail.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Why vote for Senator Emmett Hanger on June 9? Here are 15 reasons:

1) Conservative common-sense life-long Republican: Born and raised in Augusta County, graduated from James Madison University and served as the former Commander of the Harrisonburg National Guard; obtained the rank of Captain in the US Army as an Infantry Officer; represents every constituent.

2) Pro-life: Believes in the sanctity of life.

3) National Rifle Association endorsement with “A” rating 2015 … defends the Second Amendment … stands up for gun owners; co-chair of Legislative Sportsman’s Caucus which leads fight in General Assembly for rights of gun owners, hunters, fishing enthusiasts.

4) 100% score from the Virginia Citizens Defense League in 2015.

5) Rated A+ by Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

6) Endorsed by National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

7) Endorsed by Realtors because he values individual responsibility and protection of individual rights, committed to keeping taxes low, believes in keeping Virginia’s economy strong, and is a strong supporter of excellent schools.

8) Protecting property from government seizure: Helped pass reforms that put strict new limits on when state government’s may condemn private property under eminent domain laws.

9) Helps protect family farms from development: Supporter of Land Use Tax program that reduces property tax burden on agricultural land, helping family farmers maintain their farms.

10) Defending family farms from death tax: Made sure families would be able to keep ancestral lands, farms, homestead after death of loved ones; passed Senate resolution calling on Congress to end the death tax.

11) Holds the line on taxes and government spending; insists on balanced Virginia budget annually; blocked Governor Terry McAuliffe’s multi-million dollar plan to raise numerous fees; cuts unnecessary and wasteful spending from the budget and, in 2015, joined other Republicans in House and Senate to cut state spending by $1 million in unneeded spending from the budget.

12) Believes in attracting new jobs by keeping Virginia competitive: Holding down taxes to protect jobs; helps keep state law current to allow entrepreneurs, farmers, and business owners in rural Virginia to pursue opportunities created by new technology and business models.

13) Stands up for local farmers: As Chairman of the Seante Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee, Emmett Hanger led the charge to keep the EPA from forcing new and burdensome regulations on Virginia farmers.

14) Ensures area workers have the latest skills: Has supported key legislation to ensure cutting edge skills to compete in an ever-changing global economy; pushed Virginia’s Community Colleges to reemphasize trade and vocational training so workers have technical skills to maintain and build high-tech equipment.

15) Senator Hanger is a leading voice in General Assembly and Center for Rural Virginia to speed the deployment of broadband throughout the Commonwealth, especially in under-served rural areas.

Please join me in voting for Senator Emmett Hanger on June 9.

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell
June 6, 2015

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