Please stop being hypocritical about secret ballots

Secret ballotBy Lynn R. Mitchell

The howls continue about Saturday’s secret ballot at the State Central Committee meeting in Staunton (see Live-blogging RPV state central meeting in Staunton).

Please stop the hypocrisy.

In January, John Whitbeck took over as chairman of RPV and the very first thing on his agenda was the illegal removal of Jon Berkley, chairman of the 5th Congressional District (see RPV in Crisis: Due process and rule of law ignored in removal of 5th CD chair Jon Berkley). The vote at that State Central Committee meeting that removed Berkley was a secret ballot.

I wrote at the time:

Mr. Whitbeck announced it would be a secret vote and, when asked by a member of the body why it was secret, he responded, “Just because.”

Those who are now complaining about the process from Saturday’s meeting were all in favor of it in January. Could we please stop the faux outrage?

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One thought on “Please stop being hypocritical about secret ballots

  1. I was not in favor of a secret ballot this past January and I’m not in favor of it last Saturday. And I’m by no means alone.

    How about NO MORE secret ballots at the SCC meetings?! Period. We constituents always have the RIGHT to know how our ELECTED representatives vote on our behalf. This holds true in Congress and our state General Assembly and in our political party.

    SCC – please commit to transparency going forward.

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