Unofficial results of SCC meeting appeals – Update

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Obviously RPV’s state central committee decided to go on with the appeals process today at the meeting in Richmond that has been going on all day. Here are the unofficial results so far:

Appeal #1: 1st District — SCC voted two-to-one to uphold the 1st District ruling.

Appeal #2: Campbell County — SCC voted 50-27 for to do-over of the Campbell County mass meeting.

Appeal #3: 5th District — SCC voted 62-15 to uphold the General Council ruling for 5th Congressional District.

Appeal #4: 5th District — SCC tabled an appeal of the executive committee vote ruled out of order.  Then it was looked at again and SCC voted to overrule the chairman and void 5th District votes taken since General Council opinion was issued.

It is 5:00 and the meeting is still in session.

After originally losing, SCC today confirmed Curtis Colgate as 2nd District chairman. Longo was confirmed on voice vote as Virginia Beach chairman. Brian Schoeneman writes at Bearing Drift (see State Central update: Reruns in Campbell and Fauquier, Deal Cut in 2nd and Beach):

In the most watched issue of the day, Senator Frank Wagner, Curtis Colgate and the rest of the 2nd District and Virginia Beach delegations worked together on a compromise that will result with Curtis Colgate being the 2nd District Chairman and Ken Longo remaining chairman of the Virginia Beach Republican Committee.  That saves the party from what would have been a bitterly divisive rerunning of the Virginia Beach mass meeting, and lets the second largest jurisdiction in Virginia focus on elections, not internal party fighting.

Brian’s take on the Campbell County and Fauquier debacle:

In Campbell County and Fauquier, however, the party nonsense goes on. Both committees have been ordered to rerun their respective mass meeting and canvass , with RPV supervision.

When the meeting adjourned, members had been in the room for almost eight hours. I’ll have more on this later….

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